Nature is full of timeless, serene moments

Waves rhythmically beating against the coast. Sunlight peering through the canopy. The caress of a fresh mountain mist.

We are a collaboration of formulators and designers who are mesmerized by our planet. We work hard to capture the scents, feelings, and experiences that connect us with it.

What we're looking for is already here, right in front of us

There is intelligence in nature. By sticking to organic, natural ingredients made of potent botanicals, we have all we need to improve our beauty and skin. We combine plant knowledge with modern science.

We put our trust in the natural world

This appreciation for the environment leads us to want to protect it. So, we use biodegradable ingredients and reusable materials wherever possible without harsh detergents or chemicals that take millennia to break down.

We are also committed to never testing our products on animals and make cruelty-free choices in our product development.